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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  December 4, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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attacks using their propaganda machine to know that they were supporters of isis, though the terrorist group have -- have not claimed direct response. >> we are working with our partners on that. >> we also know that the couple had two rifles and two handguns on them during the attacks as the rifles were legally purchased by someone else who was not in police custody as they say that they are upon had forking that person as they know who and where that person is, but they have not said what the relationship was to the couple or if he knowingly provided the rifle for the attack. that they are not on any sort of terror watch list prior to the attack. memorials are growing there for the victims of the massacre, that there is a cross with the word prayers on the poster and that there are
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posters on the fence, thanks them for their response. they went nowhere in the senate last night, explaning why they easily defeated those proposed legislation. >> what they are trying to do now is not solve any of these problems. >> reporter: they would have passed background checks. they would have expanded to the gun shows and their online purchases, preventing them from buying guns and ammunition, strengthening treatment. montgomery county police departments are desperately pulling after they were struck by the car last night during the traffic stop. 24-year-old noah leona is in critical condition after being hit by the suspected drunk
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driver. you have learned that it is an incredible detail on what made them so special? >> reporter: that's right. what makes their case even more tragic is that it's a personal mission of his was getting drunk drivers off the road. and in fact before they joined the police force, he was an intern with the alcohol enforcement unit. >> reporter: before going on to the university of maryland normally assigned to the fourth district station in wheaton, but with the department. keeping them safer and forcing the driving under the influence
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law. >> for the unknown violation. he was struck by the honda crv. >> this portion of rockville pike is straight and leveled as he was in a marked police car. it was 9:45 and dark. >> court records reveal that in 1997, he pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana and paraphernalia. with all, but $45 to spend it. >> reporter: he did remain here on the scene last night and as for maryland law they were required to submit to the blood test that it will be analyzed for alcohol and illegal drugs,
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charges are pending reporting live, anny hong wusa9. >> they have been with the montgomery county police department since january of 2013. saying that they need all of us to fight for their life as they are quoting here, not only a dedicated young police officer, but a caring person that became a chance to serve for the community. police really want to hear from you to call montgomery county police. >> police slapped the cuffs this morning, saying they shot the officer easton early this morning when he responded to a call about suspicious activity. he's in stable condition with
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nearby schools that were closed, they will open on monday. some scary moments here for passengers after the cable from the popular car ferry snapped. we have more on exactly what happened here. you can see it right there a very popular shortcut. over the potomac across the river and really one of those cables that will be basically to make it steal. >> that it will be a season that you're starting. >> they were one of 12 cars this afternoon, telling us about that woman that she is calling a hero. >> she saw what was happening as she started running along
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the river. >> she was able to tie them up r, the trees not far from here about 600 feet away from the ramp, actually stop it that we made sure they were safe. that it was secure and that we were able to get all of them off the boat ramp. >> reporter: we spoke to that hero by phone. >> it just went straight down the river and we were like oh my gosh that they broke and that i just got out of the car and started running, going fast down the river could anybody help me and they kept
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screaming, i need help. >> why did you do it? >> because they needed help. >> reporter: you can see some of the workers working on the cables, a scary sechuation for them on board. they tell me that they will not be operating for another hour or two as you could take a look at the cable right there. the whole ordeal that is really starting a little bit after, i'm sorry a little bit before 3:00 and they lasted for an hour. we are live here wusa9. >> yeah, thank you. it sounds like it could have been a lot worse as it was five years ago today. as some of them were stranded for up to five hours. new information that we just received, telling us that the investigation was found in
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that four-mile park. discovering that 22-year-old this morning as they had some injuries and the autopsy will determine exactly how he died. that he had been missing as police will be looking for him when they came across his body. they have reopened after the bomb threat this morning as investigators never believed that the threat was credible, but they evacuated the mall and brought in bomb-sniffing dogs as a precaution. schools in the area were also secured just in case. after an ugly start to the week we are in for a fantastic finish. topper shutt is out on the weather terrace. top, you've got a great weekend on tap for us for the start of december? >> reporter: we do, now the only thing they want to mention, we're talking about mild days as it still gets cold as you cannot leave the home without a jacket at night that it will be cold quickly. in fact for tonight, 47 at 6:00. and then 43 at 8:00 and 41 by 10:00, which means that these are downtown temps.
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you'll be in the 30s by 9:00 in the suburbs. here is a look at the future cast. 38 in leesburg and gaithersburg. 36 in olney and rockville and silver spring and about 36 in fairfax. even 38 in la plata. now by morning, i think that these numbers are a little bit hot. the air mass is very dry, the perfect recipe for a cold night and more like 30 in gaithersburg and 29 in olney and 31 in rockville and probably 32 in bethesda downtown. by 1:00, we are around 50. i think that we'll make it tomorrow for the highs, lows in the upper 20s. we'll come back and look ahead
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to your forecast. >> they paid a visit today that many are feeling uneasy after the recent terror attacks as they delivered message of peace saying they do not consider any terrorist to be a true muslim. >> we know the difference between the terrorist and the muslim. >> the recent incidents say that they helped police find the person behind that. peggy fox will have a live report at 6:00.
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and after the arrest last april asking for medical help. but he passed along the request, but the van made other stops as gray died just days later of the severe spinal injury. porter was the first of six baltimore officers scheduled to stand trial in connection to gray's death. today the judge ordered colorado shooting suspect to pay $1 million to the victims of the 2012 massacre. holmes is serving 12 consecutive lifetime services and will likely never pay that money. he tried to kill 70 more during the batman movie the dark knight rises. we are just getting started here on wusa9 news at 5:00.
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they are calling this mall santa who got down on all fours a hero. results for a viewer that couldn't get a warranty company to fix her faulty fridge. yeah, spreading to maryland. new clues of the 90s rocker
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new information on scott weiland's death. >> he passed away while on a tour stop, but they found cocaine where he was found
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dead. he battled drug addiction for years, official cause of death is still unknown. the chipotle outbreak e. coli has been linked to maryland. seven new cases reported bringing the total to 52 through nine states. 47 of the people sick reported eating at chipotle in the week before the illnesses started as we still don't know which ones are responsible as they announced today that it will be tightening the food safety standards. in tonight's call for action, the company turns a cold shoulder to the consumers complaint, our team gets rapid results. here is investigator reporter russ ptacek. >> when cynthia crenshaw's refrigerator stopped running she turned to the repair company. when they dragged on and on, call for action stepped in. fixing it like that.
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>> came home, went to get something out of the refrigerator and noticed that it was cool, but not cold. >> reporter: by the next day. >> everything was warm. >> she filed a claim, total protect that she filed right away, but said that she had to wait two weeks just for a repairman to arrive. >> i was doing a lot of eating out, a lot of stuff that did not have to be refrigerated that it was quite expensive. >> reporter: they told her that it needed parts and she had to wait another two weeks. >> i was very aggravated, very frustrated because this to me was not a reasonable amount of time. >> reporter: and on the day of the long awaited repair, crenshaw says that no one showed up. >> and poor customer service. eight weeks without the the refrigerator. >> you have 48 hours to get me a refrigerator or i would go
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and get one for myself. at that point i was getting the run around. >> so she contacted wusa9. we called total home prevention. >> and obviously it was going very slow with me. they sent her a full check for the cost of her new refrigerator. i'm investigator russ ptacek wusa9. >> good job. if you have a problem or you want our volunteers from our call for action to get to action for you, go to our web suet or call our hotline. nasa is going to try again as it is the case as they will
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bring 7,400 pounds. lift off scheduled for 5:33 p.m. >> how are you doing? >> i think that it will hold up. and i worked there for five years, just incredible to see it all as it would be something that you could just feel it. >> are you feeling this 3- degree guarantee? >> yeah, i think so that it was just spectacular as we went for the high today in the low 50s. nothing crazy aggressive. that it will be okay as you could find out tonight at 11:00 to download the app, search for wusa9. okay, a live look outside. and 49 then.
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and the dew points are around 30, the good indication on what they could get there tonight, that they would die down tonight. and light winds. the weekend is great and that they will still have cold nights as we are talking about the upper 20s tonight. mild next week and all of next week with a few showers for that. that it will be in gaithersburg and rockville. 37 in dale city. 36 downtown, i'll buy that maybe 29 in frederick and about 30 in manassas, still in the 40s. that you could put those lights out there tomorrow and still
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feel your finger, which is unusual that it will be setting up like the true strong winter, mid-40s still, 46 in frederick. 44 in olney as we're looking at about 46 in rockville and bethesda. temps are teetering to the 40s as they will fall very quickly. clear skies tomorrow night. bundle up tomorrow if you're going out as well. tonight clear and cold, they're light, 36 to start. 50 by 9:00. nice on sunday. still nice for those temps, dry, remember that i told you about that rain that it is gone
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with those showers on thursday. highs are around 60. >> we'll take it. and that new law in new york city and the shake up in the rankings of the
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as they are charged with first- degree murder. but they want more changes in the city's leadership. the november jobs report is a pretty good one. as they say that the u.s. economy added 211,000 jobs in november, which is slightly more than expected. the unemployment rate has been held steady at 5%, which is a five-year low. a national restaurant association is suing the new york city board of health over their new salt rule, requiring
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the big chain restaurants to post warnings on the menu items that have a lot of results. the new rule is confusing and misleading and oversteps their authority. and can verizon hear their new customers now? ranking as the best carrier the first time since that survey began five years ago that verizon wasn't number one. and the results are based on things like value, data speed, and quality. a father's obligation to keep his kids safe turns a backpack in to a self-defense tool. >> could this device save lives in the event of another workplace shooting? >> why investigators are taking a closer look at a discover the world
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animals, seen those before
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but sometimes they do it on their own mmm foot wow food for giants oooo no wonder no one has eaten this sandwich kids discover the world with their mouths detergent is harmful if swallowed, so keep laundry pacs up and away from children brought to you by tide and surae chinn joins us now. >> that is right, they've been eyeing this car that has a big hole in it as neighbors are saying that it is the victim's
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car parked right in front of the gutted town home. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: anthony barron woke up to flames next door, describing seeing a ball of fire ripping through the townhouse. >> blaze, it was a huge flame. it looked like it started off small, just one big flame. >> i came out a few minutes later to find this house on fire as i could see the smoke from my house and i was able to see what was going on that is highly uncial. >> reporter: the woman inside made it out, but injured. neighbors heard the woman screaming for help. she was flown to the hospital with burns and other injuries. >> the next thing you know, everything was up in smoke. cell phone video captured the flames. dusting for prints, taking parts of the window frame for
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evidence. >> this goes way beyond petty testify or any kind of injury. and that we would all love to know what is going on. >> police have been called here several times saying that there was an arrest back in march. neighbors say that there have been domestic issues here. >> sounds like a lot more is to be unfolded. they are looking in to whether or not that it is suspicious. now to the latest on the mass shootings in san bernardino as they are investigating this as an act of terrorism. >> the woman that carried out the attack used her facebook page. now, what's not clear is whether they were inspired by isis or actually directed by isis. they tried to destroy evidence,
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but the fbi is analyzing those devices. 14 people were killed and 20 others wounded. that would notify them with those mounted on walls sending a signal with the map and the layout to police to let them know where the shots were fired. but could it have made a difference in the california shootings? christian conners is head of the shooter detection systems. >> every minute to save will allow you to do their jobs. >> they also send text messages to find shelter or evacuate the building. they have many of us reevaluating how safe we are at
5:32 pm
work and at school. it is made out of the material used in police vests, that it could stand up to a .357 magnum, but what about an assault rifle? >> no, it won't stop it, but it may slow it down enough. it costs about $400. well yesterday marked 500 days behind bars in iran. >> and so beginning today, they began reading from the work. they will continue for the next 24 hours wrapping up tomorrow in the morning. doing what he should be doing as a reporter, reading of the
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stories, here it is lay it right out show the world that it is what they do to report those facts. he was sentenced to prison for charges including spying, but we don't know how long that will be. childcare is a necessary. but as they report the rising cost of care for kids, pricing some families out of that option. >> reporter: when 3-month-old conner was born, it's the first time that they weren't ready for the high cost of childcare. >> they did not expect it to be more expensive. it'll be the most expensive item right now. >> reporter: they work opposite schedules to watch their son at home. >> with me working overnight and days that it is very tough. >> reporter: according to the
5:34 pm
bureau of labor statistics, the cost have risen 168% since 1990. and another study finds that childcare could cost more than housing. it is pricier than the in-state tuition at the four-year public college. they have helped drive up both the demand and the costs that are associated with childcare. opening up the pre-tax spending account at your job could cut down the costs and they provide tax credits for spending. >> saving several hundred a year by using one of the pre- taxed plans. so if you combine that, then we could get in to the thousands of dollars per year. >> if anything would help. >> yeah, i now how expensive it
5:35 pm
could be in much of the country. meanwhile that it should not exceed 10% of the family's budget to be considered affordable. trending now, snapping the selfie that we had no idea that are friends. >> and a big time concert announcement for dc, plus why this picture is making a lot of people smile tonight. >> all right, it will be cold, here is proof of it tonight. 30 in fairfax and i think maybe even 28 in frederick. we'll come back and talk about how quickly they will bounce
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an unspecified hold has halted the rocket from united launch alliance there. so about ten minutes from now they will send those up there
5:39 pm
to the space station if and when it does happen. you have seen so many of these in person that it has got to be super cool. >> very cool as this one is pretty cool. >> we've got actor seth green snapping the selfie. he was out on the town after the broadway show in the middle of times square as sagat captured the video and that claire grant and the master of the selfie that i had no idea that he was the master of the selfie. >> that is pretty good. >> indeed. coming to dc.
5:40 pm
okay. can i talk now? all right, fans will be happy that it is on a saturday night. he'll continue to do this on tour as concerts will be available for download and purchase for days after every show. we've got a producer here who will be trying to get those tickets. >> yeah. did you see this story pop up today? >> well the family of the young boy with autism, they arranged to meet with santa afterhours, but when it came time to hang out, little braiden not so interested in the bearded one and he went to that boy. >> exactly that the whole
5:41 pm
experience was just short of a miracle. >> this man knew exactly how to interact with him to make that moment happen. >> imagine, you know, if others start emulating that it could be huge. he's a hero to us. >> he is all things being shared more than 20,000 times. let's head out to portland, oregon. where hipster stan da is greeting them. it is a little bit much for me. >> he needs that pipe and scotch. >> you know, put the hat on, like that is what sells it, right? and there is that bicycle, which is a staple in any
5:42 pm
collection. will that be trending now? >> do you know in advance? but he's not there? >> no, it would have to be specified in advance i would think. >> okay, frank sonatra would have turned 100 years old this month and his music was on. >> yeah, cbs is celebrating the legacy on sunday with a star- studded lineup for sanatra 100, the all-star grammy performers. >> the guys want to be him. >> do you have a favorite song? >> when i was 17 it was a very good year. >> you can't sound just like him, you know, even backstage.
5:43 pm
harry conick jr. was helping me make the melodic choices. >> music like his would never die. it is unbelievable how he made it look so easy. >> just great when they burst out in to song. >> they will also be performing, that's sunday at 9:00 right here on wusa9 and cbs. coming up the story of one coach teaching per spect strokes. right after the break, getting a vehicle while waiting for your ride to be fixed
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millions of americans are waiting for their cars to get fixed. but there may be one way to get them as julie watts explains. >> reporter: when she drives her son and friends to football
5:47 pm
she plays defense. >> we can't bring extra people. >> reporter: she found out that her pontiac vibe is included in the huge recall, but parts are not currently available. their solution? don't use the front passenger seat. a tough call for the car pool mom. >> and so naturally she asked her dealer to provide a renter car. >> reporter: and while they require you to buy back the car or replace the vehicle, they are not required to offer a temporary car. >> those people are getting loaner cars. >> the car maker agreed to give
5:48 pm
her the loaner car and rush ordered the parts, good news for the busy mom and the kids she drives. >> yes, but the weekend? >> it will be great. we mean it, but also the 20s and the 30s tonight. >> yes, that cold air. we have a perfect recipe, clear skies, low humidity, light winds. i did mention the hits on the twitter account that the sunsets at 4:46 as early as it goes down. but at least that's as early as it will set now. go to our website. we're falling quickly downtown, but some of them in the lower 40s as the winds are light. kind of a nice day with the
5:49 pm
same temps as we had yesterday, just no winds. a fantastic weekend. check out all the christmas lights with showers on thursday. maybe a dry week. 10:00 tonight temperatures in the 30s. 35 in frederick and olney and 42 downtown. now by morning as i mentioned this earlier, these are a little bit high, maybe even in to fairfax, but as we get in to the noon hour, you won't see any clouds here by 5:00, we are still in the upper 40s to the
5:50 pm
50s downtown and to the north and the west and then by 8:00 tomorrow, temps are going to fall quickly. and so it will be falling quickly every night. so now sunshine tomorrow morning will be a cold start, but that's the key for you and those high temps are around 55 just comfortable in the long sleeved shirts. let's talk about the zone forecast, just beautiful. jumping the divide in cumberland and hagerstown. but the mid-60s. 52 in leesburg for the high, and i've got to tell you no
5:51 pm
wind this weekend, just great to be on the water. cooler than everybody else. on the day planner, 46 by 11. sunday we're great, just in great shape for the next seven days. mid-50s on tuesday and on thursday. maybe a shower, but we are not should on these showers. 60s by next friday. well, we brought you stories, except for maybe this next one. that's right squash, that double life of one local coach.
5:52 pm
>> they've been playing squash here for almost 90 years. in fact they were the first courts in virginia. >> reporter: she loves that cardio workout, requiring more efforts. that it is played at several private schools. >> they could hit it anywhere. >> reporter: he's coached them since 2006. but he helps them here create. frank phillip is a profession artist. >> reporter: phillip teaches art and draws parallels between
5:53 pm
his two worlds. >> you train your eyes if you are painting the drawing to see the world and represent it. you can call them by sports names or more. >> they could relate. >> because i'm an artist myself and in the music genre. i understand the balance of being an artist. >> i think that there are natural artists. but it doesn't mean if you're not good in that ability that you can't do it. >> he is there to help a student with both. diane roberts wusa9 sports. >> thank you very much. a great story there. it will continue to be their week and the latest coming up at 6:00. >> yes, that is true. >> yeah, we'll talk about it then, thank you. just ahead at 6:00 with
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adam and jan jeffcoat, a shift in the san bernardino shooting's investigation. they are investigating the violence. up next from a family who says that their lives have been changed by the new
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epic plays! epic comebacks! and now epic meatz! i love football...and pizza. get our new epic meatz pizza. with five meaty meatz. just $12 for a large. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. new high-tech eye wear promises to help those visually
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impaired to see better than ever before. heather daniels shows us how it works. >> reporter: for the first time in his life, justin curly feels like other kids. >> i'm able to do things on my own. >> reporter: things like helping his mom in the kitchen or walking his dog and able to see street signs. he suffered a brain injury. his parents told his vision would never be the same. >> i worry about what happens when he goes to college. is he able to do his work independently? now i don't need to worry. >> reporter: she learned about these goggles that can zoom top 14 times magnification than other vision. >> all the controls are here. >> reporter: you can adjust brightness, contract, colors. they say this technology is a game changer. >> it will help so many people
5:58 pm
with other kinds of vision problems. >> reporter: they aren't cheap currently costing $15,000. stacey says that the first time she wants her son to see clearly again. >> it was an amazing moment. she knew that it was worth it. >> and while it is not covered by insurance they offer services to help afford for that device. you can connect your goggles to see screens upclose. getting the first look inside the home of the san bernardino shootings. an act of terrorism. local leaders showing their support for a mosque receiving threats of violence. two maryland police officers in the hospital after being wounded by suspects in two separate incidents. thanks for joining us, i'm n
5:59 pm
jeffcoat. >> i'm adam longo in for bruce johnson. >> the woman that carried out the san bernardino shooting pledged herb support to -- her support to isis. >> it comes after the murder of 14 people this week was an act of terrorism. danielle nottingham has the latest from redland, california. >> reporter: federal authorities don't know if others were involved in the planning of the shooting, but they say that based on the evidence, they could have been plotting a second attack. >> reporter: they are taking over the investigation in to the san bernardino shooting. this as they tell cbs news that the suspect malik was an isis supporter. the mother pledged her allegiance on facebook just before the attacks. malik and her husband saeed farooq killed 14 people injuring two dozen more on
6:00 pm
wednesday when they attacked his office holiday party. >> we have no indication that they are a part of a larger group or a cell. >> and since they finished processing it, inside half eaten food as they had a 6- month-old daughter being raised by relatives. landlord judy miller rented the apartment six months ago. >> he seemed so nice and sin veer and he had good credit. >> reporter: they know who purchased the guns used in the attacks, but not under arrest. they found smashed cell phones in the trash, working on recovery the data from the phone. >> danielle nottingham, now


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